Women in sports

For Women’s History Month, El Estoque Sports set out to highlight the stories of women in sports in our community. From the misogyny entrenched in professional women’s sports teams to the unique experiences female athletes face in male-dominated sports, women have endured challenges, shattered stereotypes and inspired their communities throughout the athletic world. Cover: Photo… Continue reading Women in sports

Shin splints

Although the term “shin splints” is used to describe various types of shin pain, according to Certified Athletic Trainer Javier Margarito, many MVHS athletes who participate in a variety of sports from soccer to competitive dance have experienced medial tibial stress syndrome. “It’s when the muscles that start right behind the shin that go underneath,… Continue reading Shin splints

ACL tears

Whether an athlete’s entire life revolves around their sport, or they recently picked up a new one, being an athlete often becomes one of their defining characteristics. Journalism teacher Julia Satterthwaite was always active during her childhood, specifically through playing team sports such as soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball. But when she tore her ACL… Continue reading ACL tears

Arm injuries

The summer before her sophomore year, varsity swimmer and senior Winter Bloom maintained a daily routine. She went to the pool every weekday for swim practices, going once in the morning and once at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At first, the practices went smoothly and her times got faster. However, Bloom also began to… Continue reading Arm injuries

Ankle injuries

Just before halftime of a MVHS JV Girls soccer game against Fremont HS, junior Anika Mishra had successfully taken the ball away from her opponent and was dribbling the ball up the sideline on a counterattack. Mishra scanned the field and locked eyes with the varsity coach who signaled to Mishra to cross the ball.… Continue reading Ankle injuries

The Rise and Fall of CUSDs Enrollment and Expenditures

Part 1: The Heyday Exploring CUSDs past financial wellbeing in the late 1990s andearly 2000s Lance Tong When Dr. William Bragg took over as CUSD superintendent in the late 1990s, CUSD was in a state he refers to as “growth mode,” in which the population of the district was growing at a rapid pace. Pearl… Continue reading The Rise and Fall of CUSDs Enrollment and Expenditures

COVID-19 in India

As of November 2020, India has 8.5 million COVID-19 cases and 123,000 deaths, placing the country as the second-most impacted nation after the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University. On March 24, the country began its lockdown; yet in June, it began to loosen strict policies to try and combat the worsening economy. Former… Continue reading COVID-19 in India

Korean authorities prevent the spread of COVID-19

On Dec. 31, China’s government stated that it was dealing with multiple cases of an unknown virus. The first death caused by the virus was reported on Jan. 11, and soon after, other countries in Asia also reported their first cases. Countries near China, such as South Korea, experienced an increase of COVID-19 patients as… Continue reading Korean authorities prevent the spread of COVID-19

The U.K.’s response to COVID

While FUHSD students face their third month of remote learning, many schools in the United Kingdom (U.K.) reopened in late August. London resident Marcus Chae, who relocated to the area two months ago from Manchester, credits the government’s prioritization of in-person academics for his relatively early return to campus. “One thing that England [has] really… Continue reading The U.K.’s response to COVID