Dengue, Dallas, & Dorian

The summer of 2019 was by far the most f’dup period of my life so far.  No other time is even on the same Richter.  When I arrived on the tiny island of Elbow Cay, I thought it was all behind me. Though thoroughly exhausted, I felt better than I ever have.  This good feeling… Continue reading Dengue, Dallas, & Dorian

Bryan Harvey writes

Poetry & Fiction @Bryan_S_Harvey / “Captain Hook, Liquid Cyborg” at The Daily Drunk (March 25, 2021) “She arrived at the mountain hideout by horseback” in FlashBack Fiction (February 22, 2021) “Reflections with Michael Bay” in Twin Pies Literary’s NYE Special (January 22, 2021) “Arriving Stag at an Ugly Sweater Party” in MoonPark Review Issue… Continue reading Bryan Harvey writes

Some Ongoing Etc.

by Emma Smith-Stevens, originally published in Subtropics (Spring/Summer 2015) In that hospital there was a library. M discovered it while trying to eat a hamburger with a frozen center. She and the other patients ate under supervision, sitting at long tables. At the head of M’s table sat a dietician whose name was Darcy. After… Continue reading Some Ongoing Etc.