Combating Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

With 2020 being filled with events circulating around the Black Lives Matter Movement and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, another race-directed discriminatory hate epidemic has started to spread more rapidly against Asian Americans. Anti-Asian hate crimes have had an increased surge to about 150% around major cities in the US. In order to combat and spread… Continue reading Combating Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Building bridges to a covid-free world

The pandemic’s beginning spread To call the past twelve months chaotic would be the understatement of the millennia. Faced with a once-in-a-century pandemic that was uniquely infectious and deadly, billions around the world fundamentally altered their lives with the hopes of slowing the spread of the illness. It can be hard to think of a… Continue reading Building bridges to a covid-free world

The reality of the golden years 

Introduction High school transforms every students’ life, whether they realize it or not. Freshman year brings a whole new degree of eagerness and curiosity as students enter a new world instead of the middle school environment they’ve grown to know. “Even though I’m [currently] a freshman online, it’s [going well],” freshman Aanja Abilar said. “I… Continue reading The reality of the golden years 

New World View

New World View A look into the problems with and effects of an interest in politics from a young age You can’t censor the world. Once [teenagers] have their own feelings and understandings then they’ll be able to formulate their own opinions like everyone else towards politics.  In the past few months, there has been a… Continue reading New World View

Caught in the Web

Caught in the Web Social media has made great strides, and the possibilities of connecting people have expanded at once. As today’s society becomes increasingly digitized, many concerns arise regarding the circulation of fake news, cyberbullying, distance learning, and online relationships. As with any tool, the Internet’s net positives and net negatives mainly depend on… Continue reading Caught in the Web

Making it in America

A Chance Worth Taking America is a land of opportunity for citizens born on this soil and those who move from overseas. While some still hope to achieve the white-picket fence American dream, this opportunity is not limited to US born citizens. Alike to the beginning of the countries history, immigrants make up American culture.… Continue reading Making it in America

Living in the new genderation

Understanding Your Identity With over 60 identified genders, it can be difficult to understand individuals who don’t fit into the traditional male/female gender roles we have known since kindergarten. Their clothing choices, interests, thoughts and hobbies can also seem odd to those around them. For these individuals, their day-to-day lives differ from those who identify… Continue reading Living in the new genderation