Big Pothead vs. Big Pot

LONGFORM REPRINTS This article originally appeared in New York Magazine and is reprinted on Longform by permission of the author. BACKSTAGE AT FARM AID is a hidden city. You enter through a guarded gate just north of the concert pavilion, leaving behind the woozy crowd and vendors hawking organic snacks, then you drift through a… Continue reading Big Pothead vs. Big Pot

The Shipwreck Lounge

Act 1. “People Who Grow Up Rough Don’t Trust” *the following describes true events that did not necessarily occur in the exact order portrayed* **some names have been changed** Revere Beach, Massachusetts. A Monday afternoon, around 1 pm. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, across the flat grey expanse of , an old bar stands. Its sign… Continue reading The Shipwreck Lounge

Women at Work

LONGFORM REPRINTS This excerpt originally appeared in Ramparts and is reprinted here by permission of the author’s estate. For the last several years, Studs Terkel has been going around the country—his own Chicago, Brooklyn, mid-Western farms, the coal mining areas of Appalachia—recording what people have to say about their work. From about one hundred of these… Continue reading Women at Work

Homelessness and Health

FOREWORD Welcome to the Homelessness and Health learning module! You are here because you are passionate about working with populations experiencing marginalization, are dissatisfied with the inequities that exist in our healthcare system, and/or as future physicians you need to learn more about people who experience homelessness and their health. Whatever the case, you have… Continue reading Homelessness and Health