Diana Gutiérrez

Diana Gutiérrez es la creadora de la editorial independiente Kakao Books (Barcelona), orientada a la publicación de ficción internacional para adolescentes, con personajes LGBT+ y perspectiva de género. Escritora, traductora y editora, puso en marcha este proyecto, en 2019, mediante una campaña de crowdfunding en Verkami que consiguió superar su primer objetivo en 24 horas.… Continue reading Diana Gutiérrez

Jordi Puigsegur

Jordi Puigsegur es Managing Director en FlexIT Software Engineering y Doctor en Informática, y destaca su participación en el IIA del CSIC. Hoy, siendo un rol puramente ligado a las nuevas tecnologías, vemos cómo ellas y su internacionalidad le han ayudado, precisamente, con la conciliación en tiempos de COVID. ¿Las nuevas tecnologías han favorecido o… Continue reading Jordi Puigsegur

Ode to libraries

It nearly feels too good to be true — when I look around Los Altos Library, nothing but the diverse palettes of book spines stretch down the corridors of shelves. I use my index finger to hinge out a book, gliding my fingers over the plastic sleeve and the sandpaper texture of its pages to… Continue reading Ode to libraries

David Ríos Insua

David Ríos Insua es Catedrático de Estadística en la UCM y director de la Cátedra AXA de Análisis de Riesgos Adversarios del CSIC, además de miembro de la Real Academia de Ciencias y académico de universidades. ¿Podría poner un ejemplo destacado del uso de la estadística en tecnología? Un ejemplo interesante de un sueño hasta… Continue reading David Ríos Insua

Building bridges to a covid-free world

The pandemic’s beginning spread To call the past twelve months chaotic would be the understatement of the millennia. Faced with a once-in-a-century pandemic that was uniquely infectious and deadly, billions around the world fundamentally altered their lives with the hopes of slowing the spread of the illness. It can be hard to think of a… Continue reading Building bridges to a covid-free world

The reality of the golden years 

Introduction High school transforms every students’ life, whether they realize it or not. Freshman year brings a whole new degree of eagerness and curiosity as students enter a new world instead of the middle school environment they’ve grown to know. “Even though I’m [currently] a freshman online, it’s [going well],” freshman Aanja Abilar said. “I… Continue reading The reality of the golden years 

New World View

New World View A look into the problems with and effects of an interest in politics from a young age You can’t censor the world. Once [teenagers] have their own feelings and understandings then they’ll be able to formulate their own opinions like everyone else towards politics.  In the past few months, there has been a… Continue reading New World View

Caught in the Web

Caught in the Web Social media has made great strides, and the possibilities of connecting people have expanded at once. As today’s society becomes increasingly digitized, many concerns arise regarding the circulation of fake news, cyberbullying, distance learning, and online relationships. As with any tool, the Internet’s net positives and net negatives mainly depend on… Continue reading Caught in the Web

Constitution Making and Conflict Mediation: New Report Examines the Links

The resolution of large-scale internal conflicts nearly always involves some form of renegotiation of access to public power and resources, and/or recognition and autonomy for specific societal groups. As a result, whether it be in South Sudan or Syria, Mali or Myanmar, processes of constitutional reform are intertwined with, and often at the heart of,… Continue reading Constitution Making and Conflict Mediation: New Report Examines the Links